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IMC Group is a multi-business investment company providing a wide range of real estate services. Since its foundation IMC Group has been engaged in the construction of shopping malls in the Ural, Volga and Central Federal Districts. In 2011, our company entered the Moscow real estate market as a commercial real estate developer and investor with "street retail" as our field of expertise. IMC Group owns and controls retail properties in Moscow.

Brokerage services (purchase, sales, lease of commercial real estate) are provided by a team of topranked specialists — MindsCapital.

In 2015, our company launched own projects in the retail market segment:

Our Mission

Apply a customer-based approach aimed at mutually beneficial results; Establish long-term collaboration with our partners based on 'good faith' attitude of our employees; Set the quality standards with respect to the provided services; Progress along with our competitors regarding them as our partners; Introduce instrument of corporate team building to achieve common goals.

Our Purpose

  • Increase revenues from investment business, trust management and brokerage services;
  • Improve the performance efficiency of every employee resulting in the overall progress of the Company.

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Our partners

Principles of IMC Group


Every day we apply our best efforts to introduce thEse principles while working with our clients, customers, business partners or communicating with each other. Such an approach ensures the highest quality of our services.

Despite the fact that we are trying to obtain competitive advantages, IMC Group activities are never meant to harm any economic or other interests of the people we work with.

All the employees are directly responsible for the results, their own initiatives and opinions, as well for decision-making whenever it is required.

As for our specialists, we lay value not just on a high professional level but also on such features as honesty and openness.

Our reputation is that of the company strictly following the standards of business ethics which is the basis of our success and prosperity.

We are referred to

Our cooperation with IMC Group was marked by effective collaboration and left most favorable impressions. It goes without saying we are looking forward to working with this company in the future.

Marina Drozdova Senior consultant, "Magazin Magazinov"

We are pleasantly surprised by the intelligent approach and high professional level shown by IMC Group employees. The company is evidently based on a team of professionals with a vast professional background.

Alexey Ivannikov Renting director, "Teremok"

"IMC Group" (represented by management and staff working direct) stands out through honesty and professionalism. I would like to note the desire of colleagues to consider our strict requirements and skills while finding ways to achieve good results.

I have nothing but nice impressions about the team's performance. Always polite attitude of the employees, availability 7 days per week, prompt dealing with any arising issues, fulfillment of arrangements and obligations within the set timeframes. We are looking forward to a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation!

Olga Shumikhina Chief development officer, "TOGAS"

High standards in business relations, impeccable reputation, unquestioning fulfillment of all obligations and business reliability have always been and will always remain among the character features of that team.

Ekaterina Podlesnykh Head of street-retail department, "Colliers International", Russia

A reasonably aggressive and very active company, immediately responding to any requests. In addition, what is important, all activitiesof specialists are at an expert-like and responsible level. Once a word is given, it is kept. Once a term is set, it is kept. Nothing extra. And everything is marked by outstanding performance skills.

Svetlana Efremova Chief development officer, chain restaurant "Tanuki"